About NSS L.D. College of Engineering

L.D. College of Engineering


Principal: Dr. G. P. Vadodaria

Program Officer: Dr Major Chaitanya Sanghvi

Volunteers: 1

Address: Ahmedabad

About: It is said that social service is done to serve the people but the main aim behind it is to gain the inner peace and to fulfill one's spiritual satisfaction. NSS LDCE started with the aim of fulfilling the needs of the society with the help of an extraordinary mixture of social service and engineering. NSS LDCE started on 24th September, 2011 with an aim to develop leadership and managerial skills among the students of Engineering which they lack in most of the cases. In this, they learn the importance of team work and showcase their inner creativity by organizing various social events. Motto of NSS - Not me but you

Zone: Ahmedabad